Cotton Baby and Toddler Clothing designed in New Zealand

Cotton Baby and Toddler Clothing designed in New Zealand

First to the most important question...Why is cotton best for our pēpi?

That's because cotton is naturally breathable, absorbent, and known for its cooling properties – which makes it perfect for kids who are always on the go. Cotton's absorbency helps wick away excess moisture that can lead to overheating.

Why is the Pēpi Petite Collection special?

The Pēpi Petite Collection is made using 100% sustainably sourced cotton products. Our designers in NZ have extensively searched for the highest quality stretch cotton and also ethical production standards. 

What is the Inspiration behind the Pēpi Petite Collection? 

Out daughters Harper and Demi are Kiwi Kids. They love to be outside, messy and also still look great!

The Pēpi Petite Collection was created with this in mind. Not only do we use our original flare and design pallette to highlight our garments we also kept in mind that we live in a harsh sun environment.

That is why we have sleeves, high neck lines and yet still cool, breathable products!

Why the ISLA floral? 

The isla floral is named after one of our founding Pēpi. Demi Isla. 

Demi loves the outdoors. She also loves drawing flowers, watering flowers, smelling flowers and adores the colour pink! The Isla floral was inspired by this creative soul <3

Why the Austin Shorts? 

Austin! How could we NOT? Austin is one of our brand ambassadors and was the absolute star of the show at our photoshoot. His cheeky nature and ability to strike the coolest of pose at only 1 year old we couldn't name them after anyone else!

Pēpi Classics... what's the point?!

Well... the Pēpi Classics range will expand and contain unisex, staple pieces that are useable in all seasons of NZ. We wanted this range to be a selection of all of your favorites that wont dissappear with each new collection release :) 


Check the range out now 👍



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