Mamas in Lockdown

Mamas in Lockdown

A woman of many skills and talents who has put together a book that speaks to the very heart of Pepi Petite. Both owners of Pepi Petite gave birth during the 2020 NZ level 4 lockdown and came accross this book when searching for similar stories from other mothers.

Mamas in Lockdown, written by Denise Ives, author, writer, breastfeeding counsellor and advocate for mums, is an integral part of the history that is now ingrained into our lives and something we can never forget, nor would we want to. Here is a review from a Dunedin Midwife and Lactation Consultant:

"Mamas in Lockdown captures a unique moment in history/herstory. Babies do not wait for anyone! The personal stories in this book portray the challenges and beautiful moments of strength and courage. For mother’s birthing in the hospital where there was sometimes a confusing regime of rules and lack of support as everyone struggled to grasp the implications of the pandemic. Other mothers recount their struggles with breastfeeding, lack of support and finding new ways to get the support they needed. Beautifully put together, this book will draw you in!"

Thank you Denise!


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