Minikane Dolls - what are they?

Minikane Dolls - what are they?

Minikane is a French brand that sells anatomically correct baby dolls and was established in 2012.

Paola Reina dolls have been made in Alicante, Spain since 1870.

The Minikane/ Paola Reina Gordis are 34cm long and are available in both female and male dolls.

We are currently stocking 6 of the Minikane Gordis dolls at Ppi Petite.

But why?! What is the difference between the Minkane and their beautiful cousin the Miniland Dolls?

Minikane/Paola Reina Gordis dolls are also vanilla scented to smell like a newborn babe and they are made of soft PVC vinyl, free of phthalates.

The Minikane/Paola Reina Gordis dolls come in a bag, with no underwear and are soft to touch.

The Minikane/Paola Reina Gordis doll is also articulated and you can move the arms, head and legs.

Minikane sells gorgeous RECYCLABLE doll's clothing for their dolls allowing your child to personalise their doll and develop their fine motor skills undressing and dressing their dolls.

The Minikane/Paola Reina Gordis also do not make a sound nor have batteries.

They also have eyelashes which the Miniland dolls do not have and their mouths are open, unlike the Miniland dolls.

Their facial features are hand-painted, the eyelashes handmade and their hair is styled by hand.

Minikane Doll eyes are made from safe transparent plastic, which gives them an incredible life-like expression.

Although the Miniland and Minikane/Paola Reina Gordis dolls are very similar, I find that the eyes on the Minikane/Paola Reina Gordis dolls are much more open than the Miniland dolls and extremely realistic.

Playing with either of the Miniland or Minikane/Paola Reina Gordis dolls allows the child to develop social and cultural awareness, use role play and story telling to understand family and social relationships and develop speech and imagination.

These dolls are perfect for teaching toddlers about babies, especially if a sibling is on the way!

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