The Big Bad Bug

The Big Bad Bug

🤎Preparing to give birth is a moment of intimidating uncertainty. Under Covid-19’s isolation and restrictions, as mothers around the country approached their due dates, that stress and apprehension deepened.

As lockdown took effect, the rules around giving birth kept changing; some rules were confusing and differed between DHBs. There were fears around access to drugs and epidurals, and limitations around visitors and having partners and supporters while labouring and after the birth. There was also the hope for the future – even in the middle of a pandemic – that only newborns can bring🤎

We went through this along with thousands of you!

"By far my favorite Christmas present for my lockdown baby was The Big Bad Bug... a children's book for those extraordinary parents to remember this time in a positive way. To tell their children what it was like during the time that they were brought into this world"

Pēpi Petite

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