Where can I find premature baby boutique clothing?

Where can I find premature baby boutique clothing?

When we first see those two little lines on that little stick, one can never imagine the joy and love that is about to come. We imagine little booties, fluffy blankets, chubby rolls and rosy cheeks. It truly is the most exciting time!

Here in New Zealand approximately 7% of births are premature. A premature birth is considered before 37 weeks of gestation and can occur from a number of reasons. These parents are finding it increasingly hard to find heirloom quality clothing for their Little Loves.
Alana Cardy

Do you struggle to find pretty items for your Premature babies?                       We have a range to suit your very small early surprises .. our premature and new born clothes are now available for purchase.. we have everything you’ll need from a snugly swaddle made out of 100%bamboo to a complete outfit. Jumper, pants knitted booties and a beanie ..

NZ Merino Wool

Cotton and Merino wool baby clothes can help keep your baby comfortable sitting in the pushchair or snuggled up against you in a sling, by helping them to regulate their temperature and not get too warm or too cold.

Love bug Jumper

check out the full range online now https://pepipetite.myshopify.com/ 🤎

Ngā mihi,

Pēpi Petite




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